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The Society of Catholic Priests and Affirming Catholicism in the Diocese of Chichester have issued a joint statement here on the announcement of the Rt Revd Martin Warner as the next Bishoiop of Chichester ....

In summary, many are disappointed, even angry, that the new bishop will not ordain women to the priesthood. The Diocesan Statement of Needs however included the statement there are "compelling reasons why there should be an ordainer (of women) at the area level".

We welcome the way Bishop Martin has previously worked closely with women priest colleagues, and we will work with him to ensure that momentum is not diluted by the culture of the Chichester Diocese.

Indeed, a new diocesan bishop has the opportunity to change that culture and reinvigorate the church’s mission to the whole diocese; we will we meet with him as early as possible to propose practical steps he might consider, not just the ordination of women by a suffragan of the diocese, but to support delivery of the change in culture which is now so desperately needed - and we will offer constructive ideas where a new direction is being impeded.

In the meantime, all of us pray for the life of the whole diocese - and especially for Bishop Martin as he prepares for his new and very challenging ministry.


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